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 Insidetechworld aims to provide its readers around the world with the latest news on technology and startups. M ia events and game-changing happenings. ” avoid doing sponsor  content and press trips. People want originality. They are always looking for independent opinions on destinations. Your audience wants relatable content that makes them feel like they can do it too. While sponsor  trips will help you build a profile. They won’t create relevant experiences for people. This will prevent them from returning. Sponsor  content and partnerships also dilute the authenticity of travel bloggers.


And that's absolutely true

So. Create content for your travel blog that email List offers real consumer advice and legitimate opinions.” rana good rana good is the founder of naïra . A digital magazine for women of color covering diverse voices in the travel industry. She also writes about travel for forbes. Travel + leisure and coveteur and is an seo expert. “everyone will tell you that seo will help your travel blog grow. And that’s absolutely true. However. What they don’t tell you is how useful it is to integrate images. Especially short videos. Into your posts and how quickly they can help you get index in search engines.

Guidebook author and blogger with expertise

 As a travel blogger. If you can. Add a short-form emb d  video in the KH Lists form of a reel. Youtube short. Or tiktok to help boost your post and rank closer to the first page of search results.” steph dyson steph dyson is a bilingual travel writer. Guidebook author and blogger with expertise in latin america. Writing for publications such as national geographic traveler. Cnn and lonely planet. Her website. World adventurer. Is d icat  to sustainable adventure travel in the region and receives nearly two million pages a year. “my biggest tip for growing a travel blog is to become an expert on a destination or region and build your blog around that area.


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