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Write about things you enjoy and know about

These stories may be great and well written. But if no one is looking for this information. It will be difficult to grow your blog. Of course. Write about things you enjoy and know about. But before deciding on the topic of the article. Invest in keyword research. Keyword research helps you find out what your potential readers are searching for. What are the questions that arise and to which you can provide excellent answers? Learn how keyword research works. Learn to choose keywords that you can rank for and that will bring readers to your website.

A travel guide d icat to promoting her home

 Do this consistently and your travel blog will grow.” patricia palacios  espana_guide patricia palacios country email list combines her profession as a web and software developer with her passion for writing and travel. She is the co-founder of spain guida . A travel guide d icat  to promoting her home country. Spain. ” my number one tip for growing a travel blog is to choose a niche and stick to it. Whether you decide to write about a specific destination or from a particular perspective. It’s important to define your niche and focus on it.


You will differentiate yourself

 In my case. I chose specific destinations as my niche. First. I start KH Lists as a travel expert in the basque country with eusko guide in 2013. After the site reach  1 million visitors per year. I decid  to expand to all of spain with my current project. España guide. By choosing your niche wisely. You will differentiate yourself. Which is a key factor in being successful. If you stick to this choice. Over time you will become an authority on the subject. This will grow your audience.” aima irfan aima irfan is the  itor-in-chief and marketing manager of insidetechworld .


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