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 Phase of designing a website I will give you an example of what might be a real business Suppose we have a beauty business and have a service, each with its price and duration: nail: price: euro Duration: minutes. Pedicure: Price: Euro Duration: Hourly Minute. Bleeding of lips and eyebrows: Price: Euro Duration: Minutes. In addition, we employ a named person in the business, ( refer to the person providing the service as “ provider”), and we need to add them to the system to be able to show their availability during working hours: Professional: Maria Perez.

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 Pro: Anna Garcia. Professional Number Three: Suzanne Lopez. Once this information is special data available, we will create new in > > post type <TAG1> . Post Type Configuration General Settings Here, we will add the name of the content type in. In our example, we call it “ service”.“ ” will be covered automatically. Tags Here, we can customize the text that will be seen in relation to new content. You know, typical “ all services”, “ add services”, “ edit services”, etc.

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just like it appears on the page and post, wow. Nothing happens if you don’t customize them, but it always looks more beautiful and practical. Advanced settings, meta fields, and administrative columns You can keep these KH Lists options as defaults . My only contact is the “ Advanced Settings> support” option where I only keep the “ title” option because we do not need the remaining fields when editing each individual post.

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