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It is denied that Paolo Vasile is going to abandon the position of CEO

Since yesterday, rumors have spread about Mediaset ‘s alleged intention to say goodbye to its CEO, Paolo Vasile , who has been CEO of Mediaset Spain for 23 years. According to various media, including El Mundo , the 69-year-old professional leaves office by mutual agreement with MediaForEurope. But the company has denied this news, pointing out that Vasile will remain in office. The Italian professional has an outstanding career, having worked in companies such as Mediobanca, Enersis, Lazard Asesores Financieros, Rothschild, UBS. In addition, he presided over Endesa for 10 years.

Vasile will remain in office

The supposed decision comes industry email list amid the drop in audiences of the group’s main networks: Telecinco and Cuatro , which has caused the company to view Atresmedia’s leadership and the rise of streaming platforms with concern , which is why the company is looking for new ones. ways to secure your position among the greats through influence. Although Mediaset has not denied the news, the Media For Europe holding company points out that “With respect to the rumors that appeared today on the main Spanish press websites,

Dismissal of Paolo Vasile as CEO of Mediaset Spain

MFE declares KH Lists that there is no and that The results obtained by him in 23 years of management are unique and extraordinary. “The relationship with the shareholder is and will continue to be excellent.” But, in turn, sources from the group point out that Vasile’s withdrawal “was planned” and agreed upon for several months, which indicates that the professional’s withdrawal would have no relation to the recent drop in Mediaset EspaƱa’s audience.

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