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Vegetarian food as a main course

Delineation of the topic of the food blog I’ve talked a lot about delimiting the topic of blogs. When you want to make sure you stand out from other food blogs, I highly recommend considering narrowing down your topic. Vegetarian food is not a sensible topic. The topic of vegetarian food is too broad and it is difficult to stand out. You have to compete and fight for readers every time you publish a new post. You spend countless hours just to attract a few readers to your blog. is also a very broad topic. However, it is better than just vegetarian food. There is significantly less competition if you manage to position yourself from a hobbyist to an “expert”. Being an expert doesn’t mean you have to be a trained nutritionist.

It is enough that you know

More about the subject than the reader and want to inspire others to cook vegetarian food as a main course. Vegetarian food for expectant mothers, on the other hand, is a strictly defined topic. I could even say that this cropping is perfect. There is significantly less competition, it’s easy to stand out, and building an expert new database status is effortless. of vegetarian food and are expecting a child Please note that this is just an example. Use this method when thinking about the topic of your own food blog. Use Google’s keyword tool to check if a lot of information is searched for on the topic. If yes, move on. If not, carefully consider whether it is worth.

Building a blog around that topic

By narrowing down the topic so precisely, you always know who you are writing to and what you are writing about . Your blog will quickly become THE place where readers can find information, help and support. 2. Taking pictures and image processing To shoot, you need either a smartphone or a SLR camera. I highly KH Lists recommend starting with a smartphone so that expenses don’t get out of hand . When you get income through the blog, later invest in a decent SLR camera. It is important to process pictures and make them consistent. Unclear and too different images are unattractive because one part of your blog’s success is visually.

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