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That’s why it’s time to look at outsourcing and build a team around me that will help me and my company grow. The first outsourcing measures have already been done and two wonderful people have been acquired in the team. During the spring, it is planned to outsource a few more areas so that I can properly focus on helping and supporting students.  brand has been left at the feet of everything else. I realize that my company doesn’t even have a proper logo, let alone business cards 4. Social media In January, I will implement a new strategy with social media. I have made 30 different publications on Canva for both Facebook and Instagram and scheduled them in advance.

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The goal is to increase the number of both Facebook and Instagram followers to a total of 1,650 (now 1,105). Some other changes are coming to use during the spring, but I will inform (or surprise) more about these later In addition to that, I was able to participate in Zaki Azedani’s pilot training, which is related to new data personal branding and social media. I am looking forward to the upcoming training in need of development. 5. Personal coaching I get asked a lot about personal coaching. I do offer it, but for now I can’t take more than 4 customers per month. The Blogger to Professionalâ„¢ online coaching program keeps me busy, I actively respond to students’ questions in the Facebook community and to the emails of students who take the student package that includes personal guidance.

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In addition to that, I hold a live webinar for students once a month, where we go through questions, blogs and content. In fact, the publication of this post stretched into the evening, because today was the first live webinar of the year. The topic was various coaching and sales platforms as well as online stores. The KH Lists webinar gave me a really good feeling and I actually missed holding these webinars. <3 Starting in March, the work situation already looks more spacious, and after that it will be easier to meet the demand for personal coaching as well. I can best provide personal coaching in the following areas: strategic structure of blog posts email marketing (content).

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