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Are you interested in improving your general knowledge? Do you want to know more about the world around us? Find a wide range of topics that will give you a solid foundation of knowledge. General culture covers many aspects of life such as history, literature, even geography and science. It is always good to be prepared for those basic questions and notions of life , because you do not know when it will be useful. Furthermore, it is important to nourish yourself with knowledge that provides you with quality information for your daily life.

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So, do you think you have what it takes to pass a general knowledge test? Learn about the general knowledge questions that are usually asked during a university admission exam , or consult other less complex questions for the primary and secondary level. Join us! GENERAL CULTURE QUESTIONS FOR ADMISSION EXAM For this list, a series of admission business email list exam ballots from some universities on general culture questions and answers were compiled . These are the following: In which country did the Industrial Revolution begin? : Great Britain What is the currency of Germany?

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Which continent has the purest water? : Antarctica What is the largest lake in the world? : the Caspian Sea Which actor has won the most Oscars? : Daniel Day-Lewis What is the largest river in the world? : the Amazon River Who created the first computer? :Charles Babbage Approximately how many KH  Lists inhabitants does China have? : 1402 billion Who created the Myth of the Cave? : Plato Which country consumes the most oil in the world? : USA What fuel is used in most nuclear reactors? :uranium Which country is the largest producer of wine? : Italy What is the age of the Universe?

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