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This is in our DNA. No matter how far the distance separates us, we will always share the same sky. There’s always a reason to smile: mine is BTS. ARMY: people who love and protect BTS, no matter what the cost. BTS and ARMY will never have a happy ending, because our story will never end Some people call them artists, but I call them art Life can be difficult, but luckily BTS is with me in it When is army’s anniversary (photo: Mara González/Agencia Enfoque) QUESTIONS FOR ARMYS If you want to know more about a person who belongs to this group , understand one of their greatest passions or simply test their knowledge , then these are some questions to ask an ARMY .

For Some of Them

Questions to ask an army and get to know them better : how long have you been an army? Who are your favorite idols ? What does being an army mean to you? What is your favorite bts album? What is your favorite bts mv? Trivia questions that any army should know: what is suga’s name when b2b leads he sings as a soloist? A: agust d what was the song that bts debuted with? A: no more dream who is known as the golden maknae? A: jongkook when is bts’s anniversary? A: june 13 which bts song was composed in collaboration with ed sheeran? A: permission to dance what is the name of your latest album? A: map of the soul: 7 with which album did you top the billboard

Skinner What Country Was

In general, it is common for networks to explode with hashtags that are promoted worldwide, in order to congratulate and recognize the entire group for their talent and dedication. Also, that day, Jin, V, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, RM and Suga upload KH  Lists videos with messages to their social networks ; They hope to delight their loyal audience with messages of gratitude. In this note we will make a list of the most used general culture questions at basic and school level . Join us ! General knowledge questions Test your knowledge with this list of general culture questions that you can’t miss.

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