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What are the types of school dropouts? Although the school dropout figures in Latin America are worrying, the health crisis made this problem more acute. Can you imagine living a life in which you would not have had the opportunities to complete your school studies? Having a decent education is a fundamental right of every human being, since the training you have will help you have a fuller life. However, this is not the case for many children and young people from different developing countries such as Latin America, who for many reasons are forced to leave school.

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School dropout is the definitive abandonment of studies by a student before completing their academic period. It may be due to several factors, such as economic , family or socio-contextual problems . Although this term is commonly used to refer to abandoning secondary education, it can also be applied to any level of education. On the other hand, this business lead problem not only affects students, but also concerns society as such, since it represents a loss of money from potential human capital. In this note we will talk in more detail about the causes, consequences of this problem and show useful information on how to prevent students from abandoning their studies.

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Causes of school dropout there are some internal and external factors that are the causes of school dropouts . Below we will list them: economic problems : one of the main KH  Lists reasons, because lacking money it is difficult to access some needs or services such as school supplies, transportation or food. Teenage pregnancy : assuming motherhood in the middle of your school development can mean a great responsibility and, in many cases, results in partial or total school dropout. Health problems : some health conditions can affect your performance when studying.

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