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In some cases, students will be more predisposed to sleep or simply will not focus on their studies. This would cause the student to drop out. Social-contextual problems : these are problems that are present in the different contexts that students have. These are the following: bullying , citizen insecurity, lack of opportunities, family violence, violence in the neighborhood, problems with classmates, family problems, etc. Infrastructure problems : some students—especially in rural areas—live far from their educational centers; Therefore, they stop attending their classes before traveling several kilometers to their schools.

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A percentage of students also recently experienced a significant event that influenced student dropout: the covid-19 pandemic. According to the latest report from business database the world bank , the latin american and caribbean region is going through an education crisis that requires immediate action to reverse the effects of the coronavirus. What are the causes of school dropouts? Consequences of school dropout dropping out of school can have multiple outcomes both in the medium and long term. So, let’s answer the following question: what are the consequences of dropping out of school ? Firstly, the lack of skills and knowledge can be a serious effect for people, since not having basic notions is a problem for anyone, especially on a daily basis when it is necessary to use all the tools that we have learned at an early age.

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On the other hand, the social isolation caused by dropping out of school will give you problems in starting conversations with other people in the future. Do you remember KH  Lists that it is said that school is your second home? Well, it is not an empty phrase, but you go to this place to start a conversation not only with the teachers but with your classmates. The lack of job opportunities is another scenario for dropping out, since having a low educational level can put you at a disadvantage compared to other people who have completed their studies.

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