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How to do a Digital Marketing audit

How to do a Digital Marketing audit. The Digital Marketing audit is an essential element if you want to design a digital marketing plan for your business, project and even your personal brand. But do you really know how to do an audit on social networks or in any area of ​​digital marketing. In this article I am going to explain to you how to do this digital marketing audit step by step, here we go, let’s go. This is my last article of 2019, so for all of you who follow my blog and its publications.

What is a digital marketing audit

A digital marketing audit is a process of analyzing and reviewing. Therefore, the business model and the digital marketing channels and strategies that make it sustainable. It may seem simple, but it is not, since what we are going to try to do is answer questions like: What business model does the project have. How do they attract clients. What lead capture strategy do you have. Do they job function email list use email marketing to sell or for what purpose. What are your most effective channels and why. Is the content strategy integrated with the business model. What advertising strategy are you using.

We analyze advertising on Social Networks

Therefore, We analyze advertising on Social Networks. To analyze a competitor’s advertising on Social Networks, follow these simple steps: Identify which social networks the brand has a presence on. Once we know what we will do is analyze the advertising. Therefore, in the event that it exists on social networks such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or Instagram Ads, which for example are the most used. Use the free Turbo Ad Finder plugin for Google Chrome to remove a competitor’s organic Facebook KH Lists posts and leave only the advertising ads. We are interested in identifying what products or services they are selling on social networks, how they do it and, above all, why.

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