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Kollapse choosing tomorrow a shocking campaign on the role of citizens

BBK presents “Kolapso” , an artistic intervention in the Plaza del Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao, in collaboration with the artist SpY . This piece is part of the “Kollapse: choosing Tomorrow” campaign , which also has a virtual world with which the public can interact. “Choose Tomorrow” is the story that BBK presented last year together with LLYC with the “Bihar” campaign .

Kolapse is an artistic social experiment

Society’s consumption habits, and the unsustainable category email list decisions that cause us to consume almost double the resources that the planet is capable of providing, are some of the motivations that have led the UN to point out that we are 3 years away from reaching the “point of no return” or that we have surpassed 5 of the 16 global control points. Under this premise, Kolapso was born. “Kolapso” is made up of a balloon ten meters in diameter, which throughout the days of the exhibition, visitors will be able to watch as it inflates slowly and progressively. 

Kollapse choosing tomorrow» an interactive work

As Xabier Sagredo Ormaza , who is the KH Lists president of BBK, explains, “we want to convey a personal reflection so that this does not happen. Each decision can have an impact that we do not see and this is what we pursue, making it tangible. The professional points out that “with Kolapso, we show that we still have time to take advantage of a second opportunity to act with a more sustainable conscience .” “Both institutions, citizens, and companies have seen this Kolapse, but we still have time to avoid the next one.” For his part, the artist responsible for the work, SpY.

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