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For example, in 2020, fans rais over $1 million for the black lives matter movement . Bts is one of the bands with the largest fan base worldwide, therefore, it is difficult to specify the age, religion or nationality of those who support bangtan . Requirements to be army (photo: cnn spanish) how to become an official army? First of all, anyone who listens to the south korean septet and likes their music and talent can already consider themselves a fan. There are no requirements to be army .

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 However, there is a special distinction that some fans have. This is the Official Global Membership of the ARMY Fanclub that will allow fans some benefits. These are the following: Have an official b2b email list card as an official member Early booking of tickets for BTS events Purchasing exclusive band content Access to BTS Weberse content Access to special online or offline BTS events Fans can obtain it through the Weverse portal and it costs $22.00 for regular members and $150.00 dollars if you want to include the package that contains the official merchandise.

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The membership lasts for one year from the day it was purchas and can be renew in advance. svg E ARMY PHRASES Below, we present a list of phrases from an ARMY KH  Lists that were collect. These are the following: We may look, talk, eat and live differently, but we share the same heart. I purple you: I will trust you and love you for a long time Dreams do come true, if not ask Bangtan I know that without you the sea will eventually be a desert This is not serendipity.

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